A Reminder of Grace

July 31, 2018     Faith Markets    

Teaching requires grace. All teachers extend empathy to their students as they learn. Teachers forgive errors of fact and judgment. But a greater depth of grace marks the work of Christian teachers. The grace evident in their interactions with students, parents, and co-workers results from the grace those teachers have personally received. They live grace moment-by-moment as a consequence of their own experience in Jesus Christ.

Bart Den Boer, a worldview specialist for Christian Schools International, beautifully captures that spirit in “The Grace of Teaching.” He observes: “In Christ we have been graced, loved, forgiven, guided, blessed, and comforted. We live in a story where creation is being restored, people are being forgiven, the future is good. Out of that reality, we teach.”

As the school year progresses week after week, nerves can get frazzled. We may find ourselves at the end of our ropes with kids and adults alike. We need Bart’s reminder that who we are and what we do is united in the grace of Christ.

The Grace of Teaching

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