Biblical Integration Summit Professional Development v08

“Developing a Worldview Approach to Biblical Integration”
66 minutes
Dr. Marti MacCullough
Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Cairn University

This presentation is an introduction to the concept of biblical worldview integration in the school curriculum. Questions addressed will include: What is a worldview? Why is worldview integration essential in authentic Christian education? What is the concept of integration? Where does integration occur? How is worldview integration accomplished in the strategic design of the curriculum and not as a tack-on? The presentation includes indicators on selected PowerPoint slides for pausing to complete activities so that it can be used in professional development with a school faculty.

“DIY Integration and Correlation”
21 minutes
Gavin Brettenny
Head of School at Black Forest Academy

Gavin demonstrates the purpose of biblical integration, distinguishes between the practice of correlation and integration, and shares a classroom lesson using an integration template that teachers can copy for DIY.

“Using Custom Made Curriculum as a Biblical Integration Tool”
32 minutes
Rebekah Concepcion
Master Teacher at Doulos Discovery School

Rebekah explains how to use custom made curriculum and service as an effective Biblical Integration tool for all subject areas. God made us in His image to create. We can create effective curriculum with real world application and powerful Biblical Integration put into action.

“Truth Revealed & Connecting Truth: A Philosophical Mindset And A New Approach For Biblical Integration”
17 minutes
Matt Dominguez
Bible & English Faculty at Wheaton Academy and Founder of The True Myth

Matt develops an approach to biblical integration in which teachers explore revealed truths in academic concepts, rather than trying to combine biblical truths and academic content together.

“Biblical Integration: A 5th Grade Teacher’s Experience”

19 minutes
Vicki Greer
5th Grade Teacher at Isaac Newton Christian Academy

Vicki discusses a lesson she presented to 5th graders in which the topic of ecosystems was put into the context of a biblical worldview.

“Not Just a Cup of Coffee!”
24 minutes
Amy Imbody
Executive Director and President of The Center for Redemptive Education
Amy uses a familiar cuppa Joe to demonstrate the integral nature of everything, equipping educators to help their students begin to see the infinite connections between God's two "books": His Word and His World.

“Embracing the Triune God through Language Immersion Education”
20 minutes
Dr. Nate Johnson
CEO of Charleston Bilingual Academy

Through an understanding of the communal and communicative nature of the Triune God, Nathan explores the physiology behind the language genius of young children and how to create a mission driven school that inspires, equips and empowers children to take the gospel across cultures and languages. By Him, Through Him, and For Him.

“Why Knowing the Bible Isn’t Enough”
21 minutes
Harold Klassen
Educational Consultant

Harold discovered that although it is essential to know God’s word, being able to relate it to different aspects of God’s world doesn’t happen automatically. It took over 20 years in a Christian school for him to recognize two symptoms of a debilitating problem with his view of the world which undermines the role of the Bible in his teaching. Harold will share a simple tool that has helped him understand what God has revealed about His view of His world. It can be taught to little children and yet serve as a visual organizer for the continued exploration of Biblical integration by a mature learning community.

“The Foundation for Biblical Worldview that Changes Lives: The Three Loves"
26 minutes
Joe Neff
Director of Educational Services, TeachBeyond

Joe explores the foundation for great Biblical worldview teaching that impacts lives: Love God, love students, and love subject-the gift we give students. The presentation explains the value of biblical worldview and how to implement practices that support a living and life-changing classroom.

“3 Tools for Biblical Worldview Integration”
22 minutes
Dr. Christian Overman
Founder of Worldview Matters

Successful biblical worldview integration in the classroom requires planning. In this session, Christian will introduce you to 3 tools for effective lesson designs that will engage your students in meaningful conversation.

“Biblical Integration: A 2nd Grade Teacher's Experience”
18 minutes
Kim Tarr
2nd Grade Teacher at Lighthouse Christian School

Kim discusses two lessons she presented to 2nd graders in which the topics of snails and Annie Sullivan were put into the context of a biblical worldview.

“Biblical Integration: A High School Spanish Teacher’s Experience”
15 minutes
Gaby Urgo
Spanish Teacher at Grace Christian School

Gaby discusses a lesson she presented to high school students in which learning Spanish was put into the context of a biblical worldview.

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