Both, please: Resources by Teachers and Publishers

July 31, 2018    

Both, Please: Resources by Teachers and Publishers Sharing teaching resources has never been easier, and there are plenty of great publishers out there, too. So, which to use? Teacher-created resources typically emerge from the creator’s experience with students. The appeal and effectiveness of their products are practical and student-tested. Because these materials are produced with little financial investment, they may require additional preparation to use. They are often more engaging to students,…    read more 

Teaching’s Complicated

July 31, 2018    

Think of the most rookie Christian teacher you know and the most seasoned vet, too. One thing they have in common is their complicated jobs. It can be overwhelming to both! There’s just so much required: instruction expertise, classroom management, interpersonal skills, organization, evaluation, and time management. While teaching has always been complex, the veteran will tell you that there was less pressure back in the days of more homogenous classes and…    read more 

A Reminder of Grace

July 31, 2018    

Teaching requires grace. All teachers extend empathy to their students as they learn. Teachers forgive errors of fact and judgment. But a greater depth of grace marks the work of Christian teachers. The grace evident in their interactions with students, parents, and co-workers results from the grace those teachers have personally received. They live grace moment-by-moment as a consequence of their own experience in Jesus Christ. Bart Den Boer, a worldview specialist…    read more 

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