Advent “Get Ready for Christmas” Devotional Paper Chain

This devotional paper chain will help your students use the twenty-five days leading up to Christmas (Advent) to prepare their hearts for the coming of King Jesus.

You choose whether to print the chain’s links in full color, or in black-and-white for your students to color and decorate (patterns for both are provided). Either way they can add glitter or sparkle, if you wish. Then they cut apart the links and put their chain together.

For each day of Advent, they’ll tear off one link of their chain and follow the instructions on that link. Some links will lead to practical ways they can help their parents prepare for Christmas, some will lead to Bible passages to read, some will lead to creative activities, and some will allow them to think of their own ideas to get ready for this special season.

Please be sure to visit my vendor page—under my name, Diane McLoud—for more fun files for Christmas and all year round. You’ll find activities, crafts, incentives, games, and more.

Thank you and God bless!

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