Advent Mini-lessons and Response Booklet

This set of fifteen mini lessons is designed to be used during the season of Advent. Each mini lesson should take ten to fifteen minutes to present. The teacher reads an interactive devotion about the advent topic; the students respond by completing a page in a response booklet or 8.5×11 poster. Two or three mini lessons/activities are given for each advent topic. You may choose to do all the mini lessons for one topic on one day, or present a few mini lessons throughout one week, doing one or two topics a week. This allows for flexibility when trying to fit all the topics into the weeks of school between the beginning of Advent and Christmas break.

On the first day of each Advent topic, one meaning for an Advent candle is taught. On the second day of each topic, a corresponding representation for the candle is presented. On a third day (optional) students write a brief acrostic poem to remember the two themes of the candle.

Each mini lesson is structured with three sections:
• Review – what has been learned in prior lessons
• Read – teacher reads aloud new material about an Advent topic
• Respond – students complete activities in the student activity booklet or poster

Four different versions of a student response activity are included. These include booklets with fill-in-the-blank sentences, short answer questions, and coloring activities (a simple mini book for grades K-3, a more involved book for grades 3-5) and/or a poster to color and record the advent themes.

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