Life of Moses – Bible Story Bingo – For up to 32 players!

March 25, 2018    

This game provides a fun format for your students to learn about the life of Moses. Based on the classic game of Bingo, the numbers have been replaced with words—the names of people, places and events associated with Moses—so your students become familiar with them. This file includes: • complete instructions • a summary of Moses’ life that uses each of the words in this game, putting them in context • playing…    read more 

Books of the Bible Word Search Puzzles – Three fun choices!

March 24, 2018    

Give your students a great review of the books of the Bible with these word search puzzles. This pack includes three fun puzzles and their answer keys: • Books of the Old Testament • Books of the New Testament • Books of the Bible Suitable for grade three and up, these puzzles may be used as an activity for individual students, used as a learning center activity, or enlarged to 11 x…    read more 

Christian Easter Activities

March 24, 2018    

Looking for some Easter activities that are fun and educational, while still highlighting the meaning behind the holiday? Look no further! This packet includes TONS of Easter activities that keep your students learning during this fun and exciting time of the year. It is perfect for the Christian, Catholic, or homeschool classroom. All of the following activities are included: **Word Wall Cards **Grace of God page **Comparing Holidays Venn Diagram **Rhyming Words…    read more 

Books of the Bible Treasure Box

March 24, 2018    

Kids love little boxes! This is one they make themselves, then use to learn the books of the Bible. Included is the box pattern, a guide sheet, a “How to Play” card, complete instructions, and sixty-six miniature cards. On each card is a book of the Bible, color-coded to help students learn which section of Old Testament or New Testament each book belongs to. Help your students learn about our greatest treasure—the…    read more 

Books of the Bible Book Markers – FREEBIE!

March 24, 2018    

Help your students learn the books of the Bible with these two book markers, one for Old Testament and one for New Testament. Each marker has the books of the Testament listed in order and color-coded by Bible section; the colors correspond to those in my “Books of the Bible Treasure Box” (available through my vendor page). Students may color and decorate the front of each marker as desired, then place Old…    read more 

Books of the Bible File Folder Learning Game

March 24, 2018    

Help your students learn the books of the Bible with this file-folder learning game. Students will remove sixty-six tiny “books” from the pouch on the back of the folder, and sort them into the proper Old Testament or New Testament section in which each belongs. This kit includes all the pieces needed to construct the basic folder. (Bible books are provided in both color-coded and black-and-white.) You may add bits of colored…    read more 

“Search For Jesus’ Twelve Disciples” Word Search FREEBIE!

March 24, 2018    

Help your students learn the names of the twelve disciples of Christ with this word search puzzle. A printable puzzle sheet is included (choose from full color or black-and-white) plus an answer key—a quick and easy lesson activity! Suitable for students in grade three and up. Please stop by my vendor page—under my name, Diane McLoud—to see lots of other fun files for teaching the wonderful Word of God. Thanks, and God…    read more 

“He Is RISEN!” Easter Coloring Poster and Treat Bag Topper

March 21, 2018    

Present your students with this fun coloring poster of the empty tomb. They’ll enjoy coloring the message “He is risen!” as you teach them the wonderful account of the first Easter. This file includes both the coloring poster (in two sizes) and a coordinating treat bag topper (provided in full color to print and use, and in black-and-white for teachers who lack color-copy capability). Use the treat bag topper to staple or…    read more 

MEMORIZE SCRIPTURE? Yes, You Can! 50 Proven Methods

March 21, 2018    

The spiritual benefits of scripture memorization are clear. Yet just mention it and most adults want to run! Maybe you feel that way. Perhaps you’re convinced you’re unable to memorize scripture or—if you do manage to learn a verse or two—unable to retain what you’ve learned. Scripture memorization is just as important for adults as it is for kids—maybe more important because of the continual tests satan sets before us. This book…    read more 

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